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Spring Cleaning: Part 2 - Spring Clean your Body Care

Yay! Today we get to talk about body care :)

If you're like me, after you're done spring cleaning your house, all you want to do is have a long hot shower, and pamper yourself with luxurious body care produts.

Unfortunately, though, those sweet smelling, moisture-rich lotions and potions may be doing you more harm than good. A lot more.

From Skin Irritants, to Carcinogens (cancer-causing agents), to hormone disruptors, conventional skin care should really come covered in warning labels.

Don't worry! There's good news ahead.

Finding "Clean" Body Care is as easy as a trip to your local health food store, or a quick google search! The only drawback can be the sheer amount of information (and misinformation) out there).

I know when I first took the trip down clean body care lane, I felt a little overwhelmed by it all.

I wanted to hear from the experts and only wanted to invest in tried, tested and true products. And I wanted the science (nerd alert). I not only wanted to know WHAT to avoid, but WHY I should care. A vague "it's bad for you, man" wasn't going to cut it.

So. I turned to my friend Google and asked. The fruit of my labour (first world labour) was my two favourite Body Care resources to date:

1) Ecoholic Body by (Canadian!) Adria Vasil: STUFFED full of what to avoid, why, deciphering labels and "green-washing", fully tested products, AND DIY recipes that are almost too easy.

I can't say enough about this book. I refer to it ALL the time.

Her "Mean 15" list of ingredients to avoid in cosmetics is a life saver. Literally.

2) Their SkinDeep Database is UNBELIEVABLE. Any category of home or body care is rated, and reasons are given. A truly useful, and consistently updated, resource.

I have also discovered that Pinterest is a lovely place to find DIY recipes for just about everything! Just be careful, it may say "all natural" and use mineral oil (a petroleum product). Have your mean 15 list handy. Download it here.

Ok. It's time to share a lovely DIY deoderant recipe.

I wish you all happy, healthy pampering!

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