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Additional Laboratory Testing


A variety of laboratory testing is available.


Naturopathic Doctors can help you interpret test results from your Medical Doctor, as well as offer other testing that fills in the gaps left by mainstream testing methods.


Testing recommendations are individualized and completely optional. Pricing is specific to each test.


See below for some common tests used by Dr. Murphy ND.


Laboratory testing examples:

  • IgG Food Sensitivity Testing

  • IgG/IgE Environmental Allergy Testing

  • SIBO Breath Testing (3 hour Lactulose Breath Test)

  • Saliva Hormone Testing (Women and Men)

  • DUTCH Urine Hormone Testing (Women and Men)

  • Functional Medicine/Metabolic Testing (several options)

  • Comprehensive Stool Analysis

  • Common blood tests requested by MDs

*testing is determined on an individual basis*


Click or tap on the logos to the right to learn more about the Laboratories used, and available testing.


First Visit - Whole Body Assessment

120 minutes (2 hours)

What to expect at the first visit: a thorough look at your health concerns, your goals, your medical and family history. Bring your supplements and a list of any medications. Recent blood work is also useful. A specific physical exam may also occur.

With Dr. Emily:

120 min (2 hours) - $209

With Dr. Heather:

90 min (1.5 hours) - $195


Follow-up Visits

60 minutes, 45 minutes, or 25 minutes

Follow up on the treatment plan established in the first visit. Typically 2-4 weeks after the first visit, and at variable intervals after that, depending on patient needs.

With Dr. Emily:

60 min - $125

45 min - $105

25 min - $60

With Dr. Heather:

60 min - $115

45 min - $95

30 min - $55



Used in Naturopathic Medicine as a part of a larger treatment plan, acupuncture is useful in the treatment of several conditions, including: pain (TMJ, Lower back pain, muscle tension), fertility, stress, anxiety, sleep, migraines.


With Dr. Emily:

45 min - $105.

Repeat protocol - $75.

With Dr. Heather:

60 min - $110

45 min - $100.

30 min - $65.

20 min - $55.

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