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Voted Guelph's Best Naturopathic Clinic! 

For our team, Naturopathic care is compassionate, flexible, patient-centered and evidence-based.


We work hard to fit our treatment in to our patient's lives, and not the other way around.


We highly value the knowledge that patients bring about their own bodies, minds, and circumstances, and work in partnership with them to create plans that keep all of this in mind.


Our practitioners are gentle, trauma-informed, and very interested in building safe spaces for patients to pursue their health goals. We support and encourage the building of healthy boundaries with and for our patients.


We also encourage patients to engage with their circle of care, including their: family doctor, nurse practitioner, specialists, massage therapist, chiropractor, physiotherapist, psychotherapist/counsellor/social worker and/or osteopath. We enjoy working closely with these professionals to share in creating positive outcomes for our patients.


We love data, and often include blood work or other testing (see testing information here) as a tool to develop the most complete and accurate picture of our patient's health needs. It is important to us that our patients understand their results and what they mean, so that they can have the best possible understanding of their own bodies.


We are passionate about research and education! Inside and outside of clinic hours, we love to nerd out about the latest health news and research. In fact, we often do research on-demand for our patients to answer their questions and expand our knowledge.


All of this means that many of our visits are a little longer than average (Initial Visits are 90 minutes to 2 hours!). We need that time to really get to know our patients and their goals - and to build a plan that feels good to them.


However, we totally understand that 90+ minutes is a lot to jump into without getting to know your practitioner, and are happy to offer Free 15 minute consultations (scroll down for more info).


If you would like to know more about our individual practitioners, please read on.

Doctor's Desk

            ****Booking Update****


Dr. Emily currently has a 2-3 month waiting list for new patients .

However, Dr. Heather MacRae ND is new to the clinic, and is happily accepting patients! 


Dr. Heather has been added to the clinic because of her compassionate, evidence-based treatment style, as well as her broad skillset in acupuncture. She is currently seeing patients in-person and virtually. 


To see if Dr. Heather might be a good fit for you, scroll down to read her bio and/or book yourself a free 15 minute consultation!

If you'd like to add yourself to Dr. Emily's waiting list, you can do so here.

Dr. Heather MacRae ND **Accepting new patients!**

Dr. Heather MacRae ND is a graduate of the University of Guelph, and 20 years later graduated from the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine. In her ten years of practice as an ND, Heather has developed special passions for Acupuncture, Botanical Medicine and Nutrition.

Trained in three styles of Acupuncture Heather enjoys supporting people with pain, anxiety, insomnia, addiction recovery, weight loss, digestive distress, auto-immune and neurodegenerative disorders, PMS, peri-menopause and much more. (Time on the table can also be time to discuss how diet, nutritional supplements, and Botanical Medicines can complement treatments. Body work, nutritional and botanical medicines can all be adjuncts to any other care you are under.)

A resident of Guelph for 30 years, Heather has been committed to accessibility of Naturopathic Medicine for all and offers compassionate, trauma-informed care for individuals and families. As well as being active in the community, Heather works with people with disabilities and has gained a great deal of experience and insight regarding health in all walks of life.

Heather's love of alternative medicine began with the warm, holistic nurturing of midwifery care and naturally led to Naturopathic medicine. A strong pre-occupation with seeds, growing, harvesting and making medicines with plants fits beautifully with Heather's models of care which include life with lots of movement, whole foods, and a healthy relationship with natural surroundings.

Heather lives with one of her three grown children, and four four-legged creatures! Radical self-care has healed her through some difficult years. Photographing nature, writing poetry, playing music and growing/harvesting/cooking/eating food bring her a joy and whole health that she is eager to share.

Heather is happy to offer free 15-minute consultations to discuss the possibilities that Naturopathic Medicine has to offer you. 

Connect with Heather on Instagram @hmacnaturedoc 

Heather photo 2.jpg
Emily's Story: What brought me to Naturopathy
**Current waitlist is 2-3 months for new patients. Add yourself to the waitlist here.**

The truth is, I'm a nerd.


I always have been. I was that kid that wrote "reading" as her favourite hobby. Combine that with my curiosity about how the body works, a desire to connect with others, and a very "health-conscious" family, and voila!  A healthcare professional is born.

Right from the time I was little, I  knew I wanted to be a Doctor. I even wrote an essay about it when I was 10. The catch was, I was brought up with a more lifestyle-based, holistic approach to health. My childhood understanding of medicine was shaped by that approach and by my Doctor, who gave out oatmeal baths for chicken pox, and was very careful not to over-prescribe medications.  He was (and still is!) wonderful.


When I thought about being a Doctor, I thought about that model. However, the majority of my experiences with "conventional medicine" were less satisfying, and I began to question my life goal. Especially in University, when I was doing some soul searching and looking for answers to my own health concerns, I began to realize that becoming an MD and following the "rules" about how medicine "should" be practiced didn't seem like a viable option.


Luckily, I went to a career fair put on by my University to check out some research options for my masters, and Naturopathic Medicine found me. It was everything I wanted! Evidence-based, education-focused, safe, well-rounded, lifestyle-based medicine that filled in what I saw as the holes in the conventional (OHIP-driven) medical model.


So I went to Naturopathic College. Under the care of an excellent intern at the College (The Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine in Toronto), and through my reading and training, I was able to recover from my chronic digestive issues, associated brain fog, fatigue, moodiness, and hormone dysregulation.


I started to feel healthy and vibrant. My body started to feel like it was mine again. The more I learned, the more it made perfect sense, and the better I felt.


This is exactly what I love about my job. I get to share what we now know (and what we have long known) about health and wellness to help people of all ages get their bodies and minds back! 

Emily Murphy Naturopath Guelph
The official Bio: Dr. Emily Murphy BSc., ND

Emily Murphy ND has been in practice since 2011, and is currently welcoming patients into her evidence-based practice.

Clinic location: Guelph Wellness House

Also associated with the ADHD and Asperger's/ASD Centre in Guelph ON 


Emily has developed special interests in the following areas: (scroll down to see more)

  • Women’s Health (Hormone Health) - Nutritional Endocrinology

  • Digestive Health 

  • IBS and SIBO 

  • Diabetes Management/Prevention

  • Intuitive Eating and Health at Every Size (building a healthy relationship with food and your body)

  • Weight-neutral care

  • ADHD and Asperger's/ASD (and supporting executive function).

  • Sleep and Stress

  • Migraines 


However, the scope of Naturopathic Medicine is a large one, and patients wishing to explore any health concern are welcomed into Emily’s practice.  Emily uses a broad base of assessment tools to determine the exact needs of each patient. This begins with a thorough first visit, physical exam, and may also include laboratory testing, if needed. If patients have recent blood work done by their Medical Doctor, Emily will interpret those and use them to build an accurate picture of patient health.


Patients are treated using a range of naturopathic tools, including: healthy diet and lifestyle, nutritional supplements, stress management, botanical medicine, and acupuncture.


To meet Emily and get a sense of her approach to your specific concerns or goals, book your free 15 minute consultation!


Check back at naturopath guelph for updates, articles and tips from Emily Murphy ND (Emily Murphy at

FREE 15 Minute Consultation*:

Ever wondered what Naturopathic Medicine has to offer? Or how it could help you?


Feeling confused or overwhelmed by everything you see online or in magazines?


Curious about how Naturopathic visits are structured, or how often you would need to see your Naturopathic Doctor?

Want to determine whether our practitioners are a good fit for you?


These are all perfect reasons to stop in for a free 15 min consultation! There is absolutely NO obligation beyond this meeting, it is just a chance to meet us and assess how you feel about the office, our approach, and your own readiness to explore your health from a Naturopathic perspective.


Simply click any "Make an Appointment" button and select Free Consultation in the booking site. Choose any time in the schedule that works for you!


We look forward to seeing you soon! 


(Still not sure? Send us an email from the contact page: we're happy to communicate that way, too!)


*- Ethically and legally, we cannot prescribe specific treatments at this consultation. But you will definitely get a sense of our approach (it would just get more individualized as we get to know you better!).



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